Marvel Concerns Itself With The Future

MAHVEL by pepsiguy2

A quarter of this video is footage from the various Marvel film to this point. A full half is devoted to pumping up excitement about the forthcoming Iron Man 3. This is all well and good. It's the last bit, when they start discussing Thor: The Dark World, and Winter Soldier, and James Gunn appears briefly along with new images of Guardians of the Galaxy, and the first legal look at that Ant-Man test footage appears. And then there is Joss, and suddenly you remember how exciting it is that a) Marvel is so damned successful as this stuff that they can afford to plan so far ahead, and 2) these movies are things that are happening.

Then you realise they completely neglect to make mention of SHIELD, which even though it hasn't been picked up for series yet (it will), there is still a filmed pilot out there that will not go to waste. And that it is a special kind of cruel to tease us with stuff like this when we'll have to wait years to see anything come of it.

That Ant-Man stuff looks fantastic though.

Via /Film.
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