Star Trek Finds A Whole Lot Of Vengeance

This is the first detailed look at the big friggin' gun ship Cumberbatch threatens the Enterprise with in the most recent trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, apparently called the U.S.S. Vengeance, and it's nice to see that Starfleet isn't big into subtly when naming their vessels. At the time, I compared it's shape and size to the Enterprise-E, though now that I get a good look at it I'd say it's more like the Galaxy-class D. A heavily weaponized, made out of mega-blocks and hate, Galaxy-class battleship.

A bunch of new character posters for the film have also been released, and can I just say how disappointed I am that none of the posters for the sequel have been as unique and visually interesting as the fantastic poster for the first film. The crashing Enterprise came close, but looses points for just copying the design used by Iron Man 3. These posters at least give everyone their due (everyone being everyone but Scotty and Chekov), though poor Alice Eve received some terribly photoshop touch ups.

Also being released are brief segments from the film, as if folk needed convincing that they wanted to go see this film. I mean, a long, all encompassing and permeating advertising campaign might have been needed for something like the Avengers, which was an untested property (and I guess it paid off), but this is Star Trek. More then that, it's the sequel to the Star Trek film that convinced people who would never see a Star Trek film to see a Star Trek film. I really don't see the point in releasing scenes like this.

I've included the clips and the posters after the jump; the clips in case some of you (like myself) are avoiding all such materials, spoilers or not, and the posters just cause there are a lot of them. Enjoy, if you are into that sort of thing.

Via Collider, First Showing, and Gamma Squad, twice.
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