Star Trek Gameplay Looks A Little Slow, And Puffy

I'm way late to the party on this one, but the latest "trailer" for Star Trek: The Game is just good fun. It's good to see Shatner is still up for being part of the Trek team. Of course, I don't think Shatner has ever turned down an opportunity to mock himself, and for that I love him.

I'm looking forward to the game, not as much as the film, but I have always wanted to explore the Enterprise in a digital environment, and this game promises that, while also allowing the player to directly control either Kirk or Spock for the first time. While there will be no DLC (which I'm thankful for, as I do not DL any C, and hate having to wait for potential Game of the Year, or Complete editions of games), there are a few pre-order exclusive uniforms. What I think is a lost opportunity is the lack of a skin to play the game as Shatner. Not Kirk-Shatner, but the Shatner in the video above. Denny Crane Shatner, taking on the Gorn.

How would that not have been fun?
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