The Cast Of The Dark Knight And Zombieland Made A Movie About Magic

I'm a big fan of illusion. Not for the "where'd the bird go" stuff, but because from a very early age I recognised the skill and talent and years of practise that goes into being good enough to trick people into thinking that actual magic happened. Having went through a "magic" phase in my youth, and recognising that I had none of that skill or talent or patience makes me respect those that do even more.

I'm a big fan of movies about illusionists. But only when the movie is about illusionists pretending to use magic, not magicians pretending to be illusionists. That's just fantasy, and there is a place for it, but not what I'm after (The Prestige gets a pass as it is technically science fiction, and only one small element of it). My hope for Louis Leterrier's Now You See Me is a movie about illusionist pretending to use magic, and not a movie about magicians pretending to be douchbags, because despite some off looking CG in this second trailer, the movie does have an appealing look to it.

Or maybe Morgan Freeman's smooth tones are just misdirection.
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