This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

At this point, I don't think anyone needs to be "brought up to speed" on what happened in Boston yesterday, this sort of "event" tends to make news around the world. And I'll be honest, I went back and forth on mentioning it at all. It isn't the sort of thing I usually talk about on this site. But, I kept coming back to the fact that to gloss over it, as if it didn't happen is just as bad or worse then talking about it, and getting it wrong.

When last I updated myself on the facts of the event, it was not assumed that it was the act of a terrorist group. As the White House clarified yesterday evening, this was an act of terror, no question. Any time people are hurt, people are killed in order to draw attention, to frighten and to terrorize, that is an act of terror. Whether it was an organised group, a loose-knit group, or just one lone crazy, they did this to make people afraid. Otherwise, there wouldn't have been two bombs. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been set at the finish line. Otherwise, they would have had the decency to stand up and say "I did this" and explain in their own demented logic why, instead of running and hiding. Running and hiding makes them cowards. Killing and maiming people with shrapnel bombs makes them cowards. Everything that the person or persons did yesterday that led to this makes them cowards.

But, of course, it worked. That's the trick about terror. It always works. It makes people afraid. Every event like this (like the upcoming London marathon) will see increased security, despite the fact that an event exactly like this will probably never happen again. That's why it was effective, because no one had ever bombed a marathon before (though, and this shows where my head is most of the day, when I first heard I thought 'Rizzoli and Isles did an episode like this in the first season'). It wasn't something anyone expected, and now marathons and other large scale events will be locked down for years because of the fear that it might happen again. And, once people have begun to forget, and everything cools back down, in a few years Channing Tatum will make a film called Run about it, with a poster done all in orange. Because that's the way things go sometimes.

The majority of people in the world and on the web won't have been directly effected by this, and I'm one of them. But I thought it best to say something, because a horrible thing happened yesterday. Three people are dead, 100 more are injured, some very seriously, and that deserves to be remembered. The rest of the day though will go on as normal on this site, and tomorrow, and the next day. At noon, there will be a review for the third episode of Game of Thrones, and later this afternoon, I'm going to bitch some about Warner Bros and DC. That should be fun.

Should be.
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