This Is Your Geek Test. Name Them All Before the Credits

I love science fiction. It's not my favourite genre, but it's the one I have the most allegiance to. I'll defend it to my last breath. I suppose its because the genre is infinitely adaptable, that it allows you to tell interesting stories in non traditional ways, and has the greatest potential to have a real "wow factor." A good science fiction book can blow your mind, a good science fiction movie can look amazing, and all of them have the potential to inspire the reader/viewer/listener/absorber. When I'm developing ideas, I always run them through my sci-fi filter first, to see if the characters and story would be best served in that slightly more extreme version of reality then in a more grounded and strictly regimented genre (if the science aspect isn't critical, I then pass it through my western filter, and finally my gravy filter - the understanding that the narrative might be improved with the addition/subtraction of more gravy based plot devices).

I can trace a lot of my love back to the concept of a ship, and a crew, and this video of Niki Minaj’s Starships wonderfully illustrates all that is good and fun about ship-based sci-fi. Microcosms of society, allegorical stories, personality archetypes; a well crafted and balanced crew has great potential (I've never understood why someone hasn't adapted Lord of the Flies on a space ship). That was what made Firefly so appealing. It wasn't huge, in the tradition of Star Trek, it was intimate. In 9 characters, Joss Whedon was able to represent the human psyche in graceful form. Ship-based science fiction is at its worst when it all it wants to be is explosions and special effects, and at its best when it focuses on the humanity of the characters.

Also, there is always a lot of pretty, pretty ships.

Via the Mary Sue.
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