Warner Bros And DC Don't Know What They Are Doing

My bias against Man of Steel is well established, and this third trailer does little dissuade me from the belief that this film will be nothing more then yet another retelling of the Richard Donner films (more Superman II this time, compared to Bryan Singer's Superman '78 reshoot). From an action perspective, yes, this film looks like a marked improvement over the most recent attempt, considering that in this 3 minute trailer Superman punches more things then he did in that whole previous film. But if the Amazing Spider-man accomplished anything, it was that retelling the same story over and over again isn't just unnecessary, it's annoying.

But, I am willing to give it a chance to surprise me. And I honestly hope it does. I hope it makes me eat every negative word I've written about it. And inspiring hope is kind of Superman's whole deal, so maybe its already a success.

Of course, this is DC and Warner Bros we're talking about, and they rarely pass up an opportunity to screw things up. Recently, Jeff Robinov, president of Warner Bros told EW that Man of Steel "allow[s] you to really introduce other characters into the same world," and this picture will set up a connected Cinematic DCU (The CDCU, maybe. Or the DCMU?), in the vein of Marvel's films. David S. Goyer, who was involved in the Dark Knight series and Man of Steel, has said that rather then using the Marvel model of setting up future films within films, they would follow the model of Batman Begins and the Joker card, suggesting a future without being specific about it. Which would be great, if I thought they'd be able to pull it off.

DC has, at this time, no movies in the pipeline. The Nolan-verse Batman films are finished, and Green Lantern died on arrival. The Justice League movie, which was supposed to go head-to-head with Avengers 2, while not being scrapped, may well have stalled. And as ambitious as it is to start the shared universe with a group film, part of what made Avengers work (the non Whedon parts of the equation) are that the characters were all well established going in, meaning time didn't need to be wasted introducing them all to the audience. We didn't need to see Tony inventing the armour, or Thor finding his hammer, because he already had. We got to skip over the ponderous origin stuff that bloat the first act of most superhero films. With Justice League, going in cold to any non Kryptonian or Bat characters, they'll have to set up Wonder Woman, Flash, et al., who they are, and where they come from. And that screams fragmentation and dull exposition to me.

What is obvious (or seems obvious to me, at least) is that Warner Bros wants a piece of the billion dollar pie that is superhero movies, but are unwilling to put in the enormous effort that Marvel has in order to produce the third highest grossing film of all time. When Kevin Feige talks about Phase 2, and Phase 3, you can feel how excited he is about these films. You never get that when Warners starts talking about Bats and Sups and such. It's just cold industry talk. I have never detected anything close to the level of passion that the Marvel and Disney folks have for their products, from the people across the street.

Otherwise, they'd just announce a slew of films, put their money where their mouths are, and get on with it. If they aren't willing to take that risk, they deserve none of the reward.

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