Whedon, On Avengers 2: "It’s Going To Be Awful."

With the premier of Iron Man 3 closing in and Captain America 2 having just started filming, Joss Whedon has had the opportunity to give no specific information about Avengers 2. It will start filming in February, he told ET, which is good because his first draft of the script isn't done yet. It also leave enough room for some possible casting announcements at Comiccon this July. When asked about the possible plot, Whedon reveals that while he didn't intend of doing the sequel, he did have an idea of where to take things if he did return.

Quote, "I know what’s going to happen… it’s going to be awful." Clearly he means that the characters will find their lives more the worse for wear, which if you've sampled Whedon's past work you'll know is par for the course. There was never a happy ending that Whedon can't find a way to shank in the side and let bleed out on the floor. And that is why we love him.

In other MCU news, Michael Rooker (late of the Walking Dead) has signed on to reunited with his Slither director James Gun in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Rooker had previously expressed an interest in appearing in the film in some capacity, and it is now confirmed that he will be playing Yondu, an explanation that means as much to the general public as "I wollybanked my tuttlefiend." Yondu, as turns out, was a founding member of the Guardians, but has not to date (as far as we know) been featured in any of the concept pictures Marvel has released. In terms of casting for Gunn's film, that only leaves the primarily digital characters of Groot the Space-Ent and Rocket Raccoon, and the matter of the villain.

There is also the suggestion going around that Marvel has started looking for possible cast members for the as of yet entirely theoretical Doctor Strange movie, which I'm not putting a lot of faith in. Ant-man is confirmed to be the first Phase 3 film, with Strange still only a possibility, and Edgar Wright has given no indication that any of the Ant-man roles have been cast yet. I understand that Feige really wants to make Strange, but there is counting your eggs and there is putting the cart. I suspect Strange will remain elusive for some time yet.

Unless they are casting for the Thor post-credits sequence. In which case, there might be some hocus-pocus in our near future.

Via Collider. Twice.
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