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If you had told me, at any point before just now really, that Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch would become a point of heated contention between studios, I would have laughed in your face. Save for the House of M story line a few years back, the sibling pair (incestuous in the Ultimate universe) have been reliable, steady characters for the House of Ideas, but never front line characters. Stable characters in the Avengers roaster, and favourites of cosplayers, and that is about it. As Kevin Feige explained before the release of the Avengers, the rights issues surrounding the two were murky, since as well as being Avengers, they were also the children of Magneto, the X-Men Big Bad. And at the time, FOX and Marvel were sharing rights to the characters, for use on screen. FOX wouldn't be allowed to reference their team membership, and Marvel wouldn't be able to mention their father, or the fact that they are mutants (that concept also being held by FOX).

Last week, Feige and Joss Whedon seemed to settle the question as to who would get to them first by announcing that the pair do appear in Whedon's first draft of the Avengers sequel. While Feige's original comments are unclear, there is a suggestion that which ever company got around to using the characters first got the rights wholly. So, Marvel seemed to win out. Meanwhile, in another universe...

Bryan Singer announced via Twitter that Evan Peters, late of American Horror Story, has been cast as Quicksilver in his already filming X-Men Days of Futures Past. And considering that FOX and Disney are not interested in sharing characters between franchises, there suddenly exists the potential for some brand confusion (I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt, and understand that a character in one set of films isn't the same as one in another, but then again, people always manage to... what's the negative form of surprise?). What this means for Marvel's plans is not clear. Singer's film is obviously already written, and filming, meaning that they've got something of a leg up on the competition. Whedon is still in first draft mode, and has more then enough time to remove the characters if necessary, or replace them with others (Captain Britain perhaps?). Or, maybe they will go ahead with using the characters in Avengers 2, X-Men be damned. I have to admit, Singer's announcement, days after Marvel's confirmation, seems like a bit of a dick move.

That being said, I'd rather see the pair in an X-Men film then an Avengers film. Anything Whedon would do would have to avoid or ignore the fact that the characters are mutants, a fundamental aspect to the characters. In fact, the whole reason they are on the Avengers is because they so powerfully disagree with their father's point of view and tactics, they joined up with a team that fights against him. To include them would essentially force them to become entirely different characters, and if that's the case, what's the point? There are hundreds of characters to choose from that Marvel has the rights to, why bastardise a couple for the sake of (some pretty low) name recognition? By including them in the X-Men films, they preserve the fundamental aspects of the characters, and still afford them the ability to resist their father by joining up with Xavier's crew. Potentially, the X-Men versions will be truer forms of the characters, rather then just in-name-only copies with all the substance ripped out. Not that Whedon would want to do that, but he'd pretty much have to.

Beyond this new development, one can assume that in the next days or weeks, we'll see an announcement of who will be playing the Scarlet Witch for Singer's film. And possibly a comment for Feige as to how Marvel intends to react to this development.

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