Joss Whedon's Message To The Future: "You're All Going To Die"

Joss Whedon is a man of many hats. He directed the most successful film of last year, he actively routes for the zombie apocalypse, and occasionally teaches people how to poop. And on Saturday, at Wesleyan University, during his commencement address, he proved that he can make a more lasting impact on the minds of a group of kids who really want to take off their robes and drink, then Bill Cosby.

The speech is good. Not as good as Neil Gaiman's, but good. I preferred the start of the speech, when it was much more off the cuff and affable, as that is when Whedon tends to be at his best when speaking. But it's certainly the best geek idol giving a speech to youths we've had this year. 

My favourite thing about this speech: how much the guy sitting behind Whedon on his right is absolutely loving every word of it.

Via Uproxx.
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