Reminder: Patrick Stewart Is Awesome

Patrick Stewart tweeted this image earlier this week, and something about it confuses me. Not that a 72 year old man-of-the-world like Patrick Stewart has never eaten a slice of pizza (turns out, it was only the first time he had ordered an individual slice, not the first time he had eaten pizza), that can be understandable. I mean, I'm sure there are many things that Patrick Stewart has eaten that have never crossed my lips. Nor is it that Patrick Stewart is 72 and only just appears to have entered his fifties (it helps that he looks like he's been in his fifties since the 1970's). The man will outlive us all, at this rate. No, what fluxes me about this image, taken in New York City, is the Montreal Canadiens hat the former starship captain is wearing.

Is he a fan of hockey? And if so, why the Canadiens? My Ottawa Senators dollythumped their hind quarters in the first round of the playoffs this year (before getting well and properly dollythumped themselves by Pittsburgh). But why, of all teams, is Professor X supporting the Habs?

What isn't up for dispute is that Stewart is awesome, as is evidenced by this off the top of his head speech he gave at the Dallas Comicpalooza 2013, about violence against women and the effects of PTSD on returning combat troops. The video of this speech is provided after the jump.

Touching and humbling and and fantastic. All of it.

But the Habs? Really?

Via Uproxx, twice.
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