Season 2 Of The Newsroom Promises Even More Sitting And Talking

The second season of Aaron Sorkin's the Newsroom premiers on July 14th, and we still haven't gotten a good look at it. HBO has released a behind the scenes look at the second season, describing what the format this year will be, but no clips from the actual episodes are included. And no sign of Patton Oswalt.

The deposition is one of Sorkin's favourite narrative devices, and they have resulted in some of the best episodes of his various series (West Wing's season two Noel comes to mind) but he has never used it on this scale before, structuring an entire season around the testimonies given by characters, and presumably flashing back within those episodes to the events being described. Certainly has a lot of potential for commentary from characters, in a self referential, breaking the fourth wall kind of way.

Via Collider.
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