Someone Crawled Inside My Head, And Pulled This Movie Out

When it comes to dinosaur movies, I'm not looking for or expecting the level of quality that Jurassic Park gave us twenty years ago, though I should. I'm looking for accuracy, I'm looking for a sign that the filmmakers are interested in their subject matter, and I'm looking for the animals not to be constantly villainized as monsters. Mostly, what I'm looking for is respect for the dinosaurs.

I've long thought that the perfect dinosaur movie would be one set in the past, with no time travel or human interaction, following the animals in a narrative structure, but without a voice over narration (Planet Dinosaur) or the animals talking (Dinosaur). Just a straight up xenofictional account of the time and its inhabitants. And it is possible that Walking With Dinosaurs: The Movie is just that. If so then a) GET OUT OF MY HEAD, and 2) nice job.

The trailer leaves a lot of open questions about what the final product will be like, but on the surface I am excited. The CG looks very good, and I'm willing to over look the terrible trailer narration, the plot resemblances with Dinosaurs, and some obvious anthropomorphising because it looks so damned good, following (what appears to be) an infant Styracosaurus as he explores his time (75 million years ago, which would probably make the predators seen in the trailer Albertosaurus). What I can't overlook is the absence of features on the theropods, because we don't get to pick and choose which science we use. My hope is that the film will be voice over-less (seriously, that trailer narration is the worst), and that the animals will convey the story themselves, without help from any dulcet tones explaining every little action. Essentially, what I want is the first twenty minutes of Wall-E, but with dinosaurs instead of robots.

Is that too much to ask?
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