Stephen King's Recent Turtle Killer Comes To TV

Turtle Killer: (related to a Door Stopper) a book of such immense size that, not only could it stop a door, but if dropped from an average height onto a healthy, shelled turtle, it would kill it.

Under the Dome is, I sense, CBS' first big attempt post Jericho, to get into the arc based mystery TV series business. A business that, Bad Robot productions aside, has largely petered out since the finale of LOST. And there is a lot of LOST pedigree in UtD: Brian K. Vaughn wrote the pilot episode, Jeff Fahey appears in this trailer, the very general theme of people being trapped in an isolated area and having to deal with conflicting personalities, the general "holy shit what is happening"ness of the MacGuffin.

I hope it works out for them, and the keep the focus on the characters rather then the mystery, which was where LOST fell apart. If nothing else, it'll give us something to watch in the summer. And it stars Breaking Bad's Dean Norris as the primary antagonist, and that is worth something all on its own.

But I'm sorry, All Along The Watchtower, in sci-fi, belongs to Battlestar. Find yourself another incredibly appropriate song to cover.
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