Umm... nO.

Later tonight I'll be seeing Star Trek Into Darkness at one of those IMAX fan sneak peaks, and am really rather excited about that. The review will be up Friday morning, in a rare "it's almost like I'm doing this professionally" before-the-weekend review.

But last night I'm looking at the posters, seen above, and I noticed something. Something that I can't immediately not notice straight away now, and it's bothering me. Maybe I'm being a stickler, or maybe my brain wanted to punish me for some unknown slight against it, but now it's all I can see.

Can you see the problem? You will after the jump.

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Why are none of the N's capitalised? I'm looking at darkness, thinking, "uhh, that's odd." Then I notice it in into. And again in in and and. So I glance over to the 2009 poster, and sure enough, there it is, all lowercase, in the begins. Is it just a quirk of the font, or is it a personal statement that J.J. Abrams is making against the letter N. What did N ever do to you, J.J.? Was Seasame Street brought to you by the number 5, but then left you cold and alone by yourself at the racetrack when it told you it would be bringing you N? Did N make inappropriate advances towards your sister at a wedding? Did N touch you once?


So, tonight I will (hopefully) be enjoying STAR TREK InTO DARKnESS. And I can't unsee this insignificant crap. Yay me.
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