What In The Name Of Gods Is He Doing To Those Chairs?

Is there an explanation for this video of Commander Riker sitting other then Jonathan Frakes sits like a lunatic? It is that, in the future, chairs don't swivel? Or that there isn't enough time to swivel, dammit! Is the knowledge that proof that Riker sits in chairs like he's saddling up on a horse coming to light the reason Frakes dropped out of his appearance at the Ottawa Comiccon this weekend? Were all the chairs on set intentionally made with small backs because he kept mounting them like a dog in heat? Why aren't any of my questions being answered?

The first few times he tried it, did he whack his gentleman's area against the head rests? Did his cast mates realise he was sitting down this way? Did they snicker every time he did it? Did they talk about it at the craft service's table behind his back? Did no one every want to sit in those seats after he had done it to them, as if they had been violated? At wrap parties, did they ever get drunk and mock him, doing over blown imitations of him with folding chairs? Did he ever over extend himself, and maybe hit Brett Spiner in the shoulder with an overzealous leg sweep? Why do questions keep occurring to me?

Ever notice whenever he walked he lead with the shoulder? Do you think Frakes sits in chairs like this in real life, or was it something he developed for the character? Do you think he realised only the captain's chair has arms, and just went with it? Do you think anyone else would be able to pull this off flawlessly every time without missing the chair or harming themselves? Do you think out there somewhere is a gag reel of nothing but Frakes messing up sitting down? Did you ever notice when he was sitting beside the captain in his little seat, he always grasped the crotch of the chair for support? Do you think he described this method as "seducing the chair?" If anyone is talking to LeVar Burton or Wil Wheaton in Ottawa this weekend, can you please please bring this up and ask them about it? Or just ask them about it on Twitter? Can we find out as much about Jonathan Frakes and his weird Riker Manoeuvre* as we can?

Via Gamma Squad.

*And yes, I am aware the Riker Manoeuvre is actually filling the ramscoops with ionised gas and venting it into the path of an enemy ship, whose weapon's discharge would ignite the gas allowing the attacked ship to escape in the chaos. Obviously.
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