At Least He's Wearing His Underwear On the Outside, Like A Sensible Kryptonian

My local cinematoriums are all being assholes and have refused to release Much Ado About Nothing anywhere near me this weekend (they've got a half dozen different versions of Man of Steel, After Earth despite no one going to see it, and something called Mud, but no Whedonesque Shakespeare. Must be communists). So, I'll probably be seeing Man of Steel. And despite goodish reviews, I'm still going into it with as low an expectation as you can get.

And it gives me a reasonable tangent to post this great reedit the hub did of scenes from Superman: The Animated Series, to match the trailers for Man of Steel. Rather then just put the trailer dialogue over the footage like some internet goon, they brought back all the original voice actors to read the Man of Steel lines. So returning are Tim Daly, Dana Delany, Mike Farrell, and going the best job of any of them, Christopher McDonald as Jor-El, giving a great reading of the Jor-El monologue. It's a fun dub, and a reminder that despite S:TAS being nowhere near as good as Batman:TAS, it's still one of the better versions of Superman out there.

But I'm still bitter about not being able to see Much Ado.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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