Boldy Finishing What No Man Had Finished Before

If there is one thing that Star Trek fans never do is give up. And while fan made films are nothing new, the rise of the internet and a new level of acceptance for all things geek have created the perfect environment for some truly spectacular attempts to keep the franchise going in a less then copyright approved way. Not that copyright stands in the internet's way on the best of days.

Star Trek Continues is from entrepreneur Steven Dengler and voice actor Vic Mignogna, and is an earnest attempt to continue the original series where it left off: with two years remaining on the five year mission. But it isn't just about telling new stories about the old character, but telling new stories using the old methods. Great length has been gone to to produce these episodes using the same production values, lighting and costumes to match the original series. The result is a pretty frightening capturing of that visceral feel the Original Series has, the feel that Dan Harmon described as recognisable out of the corner of your eye, in a crowded bar, with the TV on mute.

And considering the way things have turned for the reboot, we might be gald to have the original adventures continue, whichever way we can.

Via Bad Astonomy.
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