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It's been a roller coaster ride of emotion for those of use who read ComicsAlliance. First, and without warning, AOL shut the site down and fired the staff. Then, after a couple weeks of silence shock from all fronts, a glimmer of hope in the darkness. Now, things are once again right as rain (I wonder how many other cliches I can squeeze into this article). As of Monday, June 3rd, new content is being posted at ComicsAlliance again, with all staff still in place. How?

AOL sold them, it seems, lock stock and barrel, to Townsquare Media, along with AOL Music, which was also shut down. ComicsAlliance, in their own tongue and cheek way, have illustrated their own history as a reintroduction to reader. The purchase includes the sites, the content backlog, and all staff contracts. Townsquare's VP, Bill Wilson, was president of AOL Media when these sites were launched in 2009ish.

Unlike most examples of the words "comics" and "back from the dead," there is no canon reboot, no change in direction and no replacing them with a younger, perhaps ethically diverse protege. Everything is, and will be, apparently, the same as if the month of May never happened. And to prove this, one of the first articles up was a Chris Sims review of DOA.

Can I say, what worried me most about ComicsAlliance being shut down was poor Sims having had to watch the crappy movies they had planned to, without getting compensation.

Via Bleeding Cool, and ComicsAlliance.
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