Finally, Some Things I Can Look Forward To

Coming off the dull thud that was Man of Steel, it's nice to speak about things I've got high expectations for. And both (technically) come form the House of Mouse.

First up, speaking with Empire magazine, Joss Whedon said this:
“Everyone is going to be looking for the Loki-Hulk smash moment and you’ll be looking for [a quim moment]. First of all, imitating what I did before is the surest way to do it not as well. Second of all, Loki’s not there to say those terrible things. Although I do think we should bring the word back. Not as an insult, it’s just a nice word. There aren’t a lot of nice words for it. The ones in common usage are either like sort of offensive, or just sort of lame… it’s just not good. Quim! What a lovely word for a lovely thing.”
Setting aside the fact that Whedon pretty organically worked in his support of a new alternative for women's underbusiness in the middle of a discussion of superhero sequels, the rest of it is all good news. That he recognises just repeating the same things that made the first one success won't make the second one the same makes him more self aware then 90% of Hollywood. But more importantly, Loki won't be appearing in the Avengers sequel.

Late last year, I wrote a brief article on why Loki shouldn't appear in any further Marvel films. I boiled down to: the more he's used, the less effective he is in the role. Ideally, his appearance in Thor: the Dark World should be his last. Either Thor should kill him, as per his threat in the trailer, or he should sacrifice himself to save Thor, thus completing his redemption arc. When I made suggestions for character casting in Thor 3, I did so specifically with Loki having died or otherwise removed in mind. That Loki's absence would set up the motivation for the third film's villain (which ideally would be the Enchantress).

Elsewhere (to Bleeding Cool), Whedon confirmed that none of the Guardians of the Galaxy would be appearing in the Avengers 2, saying "We’re following Guardians at Shepperton [Studios, with Avengers 2] but we won’t be swapping cast members. Every movie is its own thing and has to be. Unless I take a lot of peyote and write a very different draft… and I’m not ruling that out." Which supports my theory that Marvel, in casting Glenn Close and John C. Reilly as Nova Corps officers, is attempting to establish a shared universe in space with the Guardians film, to mirror the SHIELD universe established on Earth in the Avengers films. It doesn't confirm this theory, but I feel like I've got this one right (it had to happen eventually).

In other news, The Muppets sequel, currently in post production (that was fast) has been renamed... again. The Muppets Sequel became The Muppets... Again, and is now Muppets Most Wanted. Personally, I feel that this new change is a little too commercial, a little too safe. The snide, sarcastic tone of the Again title I felt was perfectly fitting to the Muppets in terms of tone. This new one, of course, is more reflective of the plot, and will no doubt fit in well on my shelf next to the likes of Takes Manhattan and From Space.

Via the Mary Sue, /Film and Collider.
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