He Is Ruggedly Handsome

The story thus far: Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher are a comedy duo going by the name BriTANick. They taught us that eagles turn people into horses. Joss Whedon, he of being himself fame, found their particular brand of humour... humorous, and agreed to teach the pair how to poop. He also cast the pair in his forth coming adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, set for release at some point in the next couple weeks, depending on your region (McElhaney can be glimpsed in this clip of Nathan Fillion being an ass).

They posted the above video in April, but considering the looming release of Much Ado, I thought now would be an excellent time to draw attention to it. Also, it's been a slow news day, and I needed something to post.

Plus, it's funny as all get out.

Via BriTANick.
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