Hey, You're Troy McClure. I Remember You From Internet Videos Such As That Supercut Of Troy McClure

Yesterday, due to technical issues, I spent the day internetless. While this isn't an uncommon occurrence with me in a planned, "I've leaving the world behind for a while" sort of way, this unexpected banishment from the web happened when I was at work. Where the internet is my friend. Where it gets me through the day, and is required to do at least 70% of my day-to-day stuff.

Plus, it meant my Continuum review was delayed twenty four hours. And that just pissed me off, considering that the day before, I was late getting my Man of Steel review up (though that was due to my own failures as a human being. And latent festering rage). My OCD doesn't let me move on from stuff like that, and only increases the chances of me putting my fist through the screen of the useless brick of plastic and electricity sitting on my desk. I like order, dammit, and a sticking to a schedule.

What I needed was a palate cleanser, a fresh start. And like in all things, I found my answer in classic Simpsons material, specifically the mastery that was Troy McClure. Anyone who claims that in those early years, the Simpsons wasn't the smartest, funniest, most lasting comedic material of the twentieth century doesn't know what the fuck they are talking about.

I apologise for cussing just then. I'm still working through some things.

Via Uproxx.
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