I Suddenly Want To See An All Female Russian Version Of Star Wars

Every since it premiered at Sundance, I've been looking forward to In A World... The positive buzz around it is one thing, but voice acting and voice overs are of a particular interest to me. That, and Lake Bell is a fiendishly funny actress, and this being her directorial and writing debuts only furthers the interest. Now there is a trailer to get excited over, and based on these couple minutes, I'm very excited by what I see. Aside from the cast (which includes Nick "Axe Swanson" Offerman, and a lot of Bell's Children's Hospital cast mates), what impressed me most is Bell's own vocal range. That is some impressive mimicry.

The film opens in limited release on August 9th, which probably means I'll be waiting until it's out on DVD before I can see it. Joy.
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