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I'm not entirely happy with my review of Man of Steel.

I stand by everything I said: it was a terrible film, and one I've only grown less happy with the more I've reflected on it. But there was so much more I wanted to go into with that review, to touch on how I feel it is truly a bad film, not just a bad Superman story (it is both in wild and spectacular ways). I feel it is unjust to judge it solely on it's failures as one, and not the other, and that is what I feel I've done in the review.

There was one thing that I mentioned only in passing, but really want to discuss. And I don't feel that it is a spoiler because it's obvious from the trailers, and the fact that its a superhero movie, there is going to be some damage to the city. But the film ends with the Daily Planet up and running as if nothing had happened, despite it being pretty close to ground zero of the Kryptonian attack. This bothered me as much as the other, bigger things that bothered me. Metropolis, from the damage sustained in that attack, is dead. It is an unlivable city. It's not just crippled or damaged, it is wrecked. It's New Orleans after Katrina, New Jersey after Sandy, San Francisco after 1906, London after the fires, and Winterfell after the Ironborn all rolled into one. No one is living in that city for years after that attack, let alone having a company up and running in the same building days later.

And other people agree with me, people who do this sort of thing for a living. Buzzfeed contacted Watson Technical Consulting, and asked them to price the damage caused by Zod and Superman. Their estimate, as you can see above: $750 billion. With a B. And that's just the physical damage to the city. They elaborate, saying "WTC estimates that, in the days after the attack, the known damage would already be stunning: 129,000 known killed, over 250,000 missing (most of whom would have also died), and nearly a million injured." That bottom number, the total cost of this event, is $2 trillion. It wouldn't be cost effective to even try to save that city, let alone having water and power up and running later that day. Even with Superman's help.

Last year, when Kinetic Analysis Group tallied the Avengers destruction, they brought the total to $160 billion (something I hope Captain America 2 makes reference to, considering Iron Man 3 didn't). I hate it when action films ignore all the damage caused in the events of the films, but rarely is it so blatant as in MoS (the nuclear bomb in Sum Of All Fears is a comparable example).

At one point Zod and Superman stand in the centre of the destruction, and under their feet is the flat, pulverised grey dust made from skyscrapers being atomised. It also means that, unavoidably, Superman breathed in vaporised people just then.

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