It's June, It's About Damned Time

Seriously Warner Bros, what in the hell has taken you so long to start the media push toward this Christmas' release of The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? By this time last year, I'm fairly certain the entire first act of Unexpected Journey had been released, ten seconds at a time, like a medical drip to keep us hydrated but not suffocated. Step up your game!

I think three things are abundantly clear from this picture of Evangeline Lilly as the series first truly original character (only took then five films), the Sylvan wood elf Tauriel. First, clearly we all now know what the most popular cosplay outfit will look like for next year. Start sewing now, ladies. And that, eventually, someone will blend it with some Vulcan cosplay, and everyone will be muchly and confusingly aroused.

Second, thanks to Peter Jackson, the archer fetish that sustained 2012 will not be dying of just yet. And third, it will be fifty/fifty as to whether or not it was good that Tauriel didn't appear in the first film as planned, considering the sheer number of archers (and red headed archers - what is with gingers and arrows?) that dominated the culture last year.

Via Filmdrunk.
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