It's Not A Plan, It's A Goal

Since posting the previous trailer for Saints Row IV, I have played through both 2 and The Third, and now give exactly no shit about Grand Theft Auto. Congrats THQ, your particular blend of customisation, uncensored content and absurdity have converted me to what I believe to be a superior franchise. So while before I was interested in playing a President who upper cuts people in their people makers, now I'm actively counting the day until the release.

I'm still not clear exactly how much of IV will take place inside the simulation, but I'm also not that hung up on it (presumably, considering the media push, it'll be longer then the originally intended DLC that was its origin). What is worth getting hung up on is the info dump we just got from this highly dramatic trailer, like Keith David is playing himself as the Vice President. Or that both the original stoner Dushku and the super violent Nicolet versions of Shaundi will be appearing. Or that there will be a blackhole gun available. A black hole gun.

This game is going to be insane (also, was I the only onw who saw a blond viking hidden in the static at the beginning of the trailer? Yes? OK, so I'm just going mad then. Good to be clear).
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