Karen Gillan Just Can't Escape Space

In other former Doctor Who actor news, former companion and fan favourite Karen Gillan has landed her first big post-Who role. And she's hitching her britches to the growing Marvel band wagon (not a bad move, career wise, that). According to reports, Gillan will play the as of yet unspecified primary villain in James Gunn's Guardians of the Galaxy. This comes days after the announcement of John C. Reilly and Glenn Close being added to the picture.

The careers of former companions after they leave the TARDIS is a mixed bag. Some can never escape the popularity of their characters. Others don't even try. And fan adoration does not guarantee further success. The best example of success after Who are those who go in entirely different directions, moving away from the genre or similar roles (Billie Piper in Diary of a Call Girl, Freema Agyeman in Law and Order UK). Gillan's first announced post-Who film didn't sound spectacular, and working with Marvel is certainly a step in the right direction for anyone. It will be interesting to see if remaining in science fiction, but taking on a antagonistic role is successful for Gillan.

What is most interesting about this announcement is that she will be playing the primary villain. Not the villain's love interest, or devoted follower. That she'll be playing the primary baddie, which will also be the first female villain in a Marvel film, a move in the right direction in terms of use of Marvel's many female characters [update: sources are conflicted in if she'll be playing the primary antagonist, or the primary female antagonist. Until we know for certain, I'm sticking with my interpretation] I think we can assume Gillan won't be playing Thanos, so it also opens up exactly who the Guardians will be fighting against, and who Lee Pace's previously announced villainous role will be in relation to her.

Via Den of Geek.
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