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So... how are we doing? Feeling better? No, well, it gets better. Except that it doesn't. The Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones, is one c*ntpunt after another, and The Red Wedding is just one of many opportunities that George R.R. Martin took to carve another piece off the the reader's (and now the viewer's) soul. I've fairly certain the novel and TV series are a really expensive way of teaching people how to become cold, heartless monsters, incapable of love by creating a Pavlovian expectation that any sign of happiness will lead to dismemberment. Or, maybe they're just quality examples of fiction that remind us that not everything has a happy ending. Or middle. Or beginning, really.

And after three seasons, the show has only scratched the surface of Martin's world. The producers have said that the series as a whole might be close to half over, though my own estimates suggest they might need closer to 120 hours in total. But that's the far future. In the near future, we still have (slightly less then) half of Storm of Swords to get through, in the form of season 4. George R.R. Martin has confirmed that casting has begun on several new characters, to replace those we've lost. Appearing next year will be the Magnar of Thenn, Mace Tyrell and Oberyn Martell (personally, I'm surprised at Mace, considering how inflated the role of Olenna Tyrell became on the show as compared to the novels. I was certain the producers had merged the role of Mace into her). If you haven't read the books, these names mean nothing. And that's fine, you don't need to know them yet. All you need to know is that, for every moment of blinding agony, there are plenty of things to look forward to, in season four and beyond. And these are just a few of them.

Hit the jump for the list, which mentions several general things from the novels, but has made careful attention not to include specific spoilers about what is to come. Independent research into anything I discuss would, however, result in immediate spoilers, so don't do that. Spoilers from season 3, however, do exist below.

A Royal Wedding

All of season three has been building towards two events. The first, the Red Wedding, you didn't see coming, and has come and gone. The second, which has been made blindingly obvious, is the marriage of Joffery and Magaery. So much so that many viewers were surprised it didn't happen in the final episode. Though, really, after Tyrion's completely uneventful ceremony, and Robb's completely eventful one, would we really have wanted a third wedding this season? So expect the wedding to happen early on in season four (Martin himself has written episode two, so that is a good candidate). Weddings in Game of Thrones run the gamut of small and unspectacular (Tryion's to Sansa), to cold and bloody (The Red Wedding) to hot and bloody (Dany's to Drogo). But considering the cost of the royal wedding, that it is the sitting King that is being wed, and the sheer amount of anticipation both the characters and the viewers have for the nuptials, expect it not to be an insignificant affair.

Election Season

Wanted: 998th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch. Responsibilities include being gruff to underlings, spending a reasonable amount of time around crows and former Targaryens, and defending the realm from the coming storm of Wildling upstarts and a mythological demon creature that is (mostly) unkillable. Previous occupant of the position, Jeor Mormont, got stabbed in the back by his own men, in a cowardly act of mutiny, after a force-decimating defeat in a cold, uninhabitable wasteland. No dental. Experience not necessary, but appreciated; murderers and rapists accepted. Applicants, please send CV to: Castle Black, The Wall, The North, Westeros.

Greyjoys Galore


In season one, we met Theon Greyjoy, the pompous son of the Iron Islands, and "captive" of Ned Stark. Some stuff happened to him this past season. In season two, we met his father, Balon, a bitter and twisted old fool who accidentally found himself in possession of the North, and his sister Yara, who proved to be more a man then her brother.

No announcements have been made concerning the rest of the Greyjoy family tree, so the producers might be holding them off until season five. But expect, in the near future, to meet the uncles of the Ironborn: the one eyed former exile Euron Greyjoy, who captains a ship called the Silence, crewed by mutes whose tongues he personally removed; Lord Commander of the Iron Fleet Victarion Greyjoy, essentially a Viking; and devout high priest of the Drowned God, Aeron Greyjoy. To say that the Greyjoy brothers are an impressive bunch is understating things substantially. And while the series will never again focus on a particular family quite the way it did the Starks, the Greyjoys do fill in a bit of the gap left.

Some Go North, Some Come South

The announcement of the Magnar Styr being cast took me by surprise, as this season his role had been absorbed by Tormund Giantsbane. Meaning that Styr will probably take Tormund's place in the narrative, which seems like a silly switch to make, and probably an oversight on the producer's part (unless they know something we don't). What viewers shouldn't forget is that Mance Rayder, the little seen King Beyond the Wall, is still marching south. We've yet to see the "biggest fire the North has ever seen," and expect it to be lit in season four.

Meanwhile, Bran, Hodor and the Reeds will continue their journey towards the thing that every other character with an ounce of sense is running away from. And, under Davos' wise direction, Stannis has turned his attention towards the Wall as well. He's fought the war for the throne, the question now is will he fight the war for the kingdom. It's the Song of Ice and Fire, he's the Fire God's Chosen One, and Winter Is Coming.

The Red Viper and The Sand Snakes

A terrific fan favourite character, and wisely held off from introduction this year, the Red Viper, Oberyn Martell is a name anyone who hasn't read the books should familiarise themselves with. He'll certainly be the talk of next season, so long as they get the casting right. He's also as close to a Mary Sue as the novels have, being cunningly brilliant, having the mind of a philosopher, the skills of a warrior, handsome, witty, affable, and obsessively driven. And accompanied by his bisexual former sex priestess paramour, a fan favourite in her own right.

While his presence in the coming season is assured, looking even further into the future we can expect appearances by his assorted bastard daughters (who are each just a female version of him), a band of seductive, conniving and deadly women of various ages (from various mothers) who call themselves the Sand Snakes. If the internet loves the Mother of Dragons, expect many a tumblr fan page to dedicate themselves to the Sand Snakes of Dorne.

So there you are, five rather oblique occurrences to wet the appetite, and remind you that there is only 9 months left until season 4 begins. Hopefully by then, the stages of grief will have subsided.
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