You're Not Your Mother's Favourite Jonah, Jonah

Ok, I lied. There will be more science on Monday, I promise.

Last year, I listed some of the biggest butt monkies on TV, but I left one out because the show was new and I wasn't sure if it would be an on going thing. I was wrong, and this video proves it in beautiful simplicity. A butt monkey is the character whom everyone hates, towards whom every bit of blame and anguish is pushed, yet never seems to suffer any breakdown because of it. They are seemingly blissfully unaware that they are the hemorrhoid of the cast. And Veep has perhaps a new champion, in Jonah. Season one was merciless, and season two improved upon the perfection of the insult lobbed at this putz.

Loved it when she kicked him off the plane. Loved it.
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