Red Letter Media Knows Something Is Wrong With Star Trek Into Darkness

Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of the Mr. Plinkett character over at Red Letter Media. And, of all the faults I found with Star Trek Into Darkness, the myriad of shameless call backs, Easter Eggs, and straight up rip offs from previous films and various series was the least of my concerns. In the 2009 film, the shout outs were fun and clever. This time, they were just another example of the lazy, misdirected writing. But it is nice to see a review of the film that doesn't concentrate on the major flaw of the film (that it is a shameless rip off of a better film), and focus instead on the little things that made the film not work.

Also, reviews like this will be infinitely more effective once the film has been released on DVD, and the actual clips from the film can be used, rather then just images culled from the trailers.

Via /Film.
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