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It would appear that production is set to begin again on Jurassic Park 4, with Colin Trevorrow at the helm with a new intended release date of 2015. Steven Spielberg is apparently soon set to meet with the director to discuss plans for the long postponed continuation of the film series, which I've had thoughts about in the past.

But what I wanted to mention was the above tweet Trevorrow sent out, displaying his newly acquired, mint condition Kenner Jurassic Park toys. Whatever else happens with the film, I can at least say he has earned my respect in this regard: while I may think that the Palisades Muppet line are the greatest action figures ever made, the Kenner JP toys are my favourite.

I have the whole original figure set, including the second wave that made the faces look (slightly) more like the actors, but changed all the clothing colours, and gave them all non movie featured dino hatchlings (beige jacketed Grant with Lycaenops is pretty random). I have the Lost World figures too, as they were made to the same scale and quality (and complete absence of similarity to the actors they represented), but passed on the craptacular JPIII line, which were smaller, and had no soul.

I will say though, that I have only the figures and vehicles. For whatever reason, I was never really taken with the actual dinosaurs, probably because most of the came with some sort of battle damage. Luckily, in the years since, Papo has come out with a frigging amazing line of dino figures using the Jurassic Park models that compliment the figures quite well.

Treasure those figures sir. And when it comes time to merchandise your own film, do us collectors a favour and make sure the toys don't suck.

Via /Film.
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