Star Wars Producer Set To Make A War Film, Set In The Stars

I'll always remember long time Star Wars producer Rick McCallum as the talking head explaining why LucasFilm created the musical number for the Jabba the Hutt sequence in the special edition of Return of the Jedi. And I'll hate him for that until we're both cold in the ground. Or, try not to think about it too hard.

Anyway McCallum isn't with LucasFilm anymore, having jumped ship when Disney took over, is turning his eyes towards other projects, and has settled on the short film R'Ha, from director Kaleb Lechowski, who is set to direct the adaptation as well. The short film, which I featured when last I was on holidays, is an enjoyable CG film, featuring an AI interrogating an alien. No humans are featured, and I argued at the time that the film didn't go far enough in that direction. The illusion of it being xenoficiton is there, but the motivations and mechanisms all still recognisably human (as is the alien, at times). Hopefully, the feature length film, to be written by Life on Mars (the original, not the remake) creator Matthew Graham, which will have to delve deeper into the conflict between these two species, will find a way to give us something truly alien on screen. And not make the mistake of bringing people into it.

Or making it seems like a Matrix/Battlestar retread.

Via /Film.
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