This Halloween, We'll All Be Batman

E3 has yielded the first game play trailer for the forthcoming Batman Arkham Origins. This footage is much anticipated, as everyone is eager to see how Warner Bros Montreal has fared in terms of development against the good folks at Rockstar, who created the original two games. And the good news is that the footage doesn't look that different at all. Which is the best of all possible outcomes. Arkham Asylum was practically perfect, and City did little to mess with the game play. Origins looks to have wisely opted to not to try their own thing, and stuck with what works. Though the crime scene reconstruction mode looks fun.

Elsewhere, I'm happy to see Deathstroke and Deadshot and Black Mask in the mix, but a little disappointed to see the Joker yet again. If there is one flaw to the franchise that is Batman, its the belief that the Joker always has to be involved.

I guess, come Rockstar's City followup, that won't be an issue.
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