To Investigate The Eerie Noise, Turn To Page 41; To Die Suddenly From A Weasel Attack, Turn To Page 13.

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I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure Books. And all the off market, not copyrighted knockoffs. Even the Choose Your Own Goosebumps were decent. The illusion that the reader was influencing the narrative no doubt had an effect on my developing mind, and is probably responsible for my affection for fiction that plays with the nature of the medium. Also, my preoccupation for sudden and inexplicable deaths. And, if I'm being honest, probably more then a few personal fetishes. They were influential books, is what I'm driving at.

And now they will be a movie, somehow. I don't know how. According to the Hollywood Reporter, "Fox will have all screen rights to the property and will be able to adapt it for multiple platforms." That... doesn't explain things. If the desire is to tell a story, in which the characters experience multiple plots, then that's as simple as involving time travel or some sort of mystical undo button. If the desire is to have the audience experience multiple plots, that's a harder nut to crack, and only really attempted by the Clue film, which had multiple endings attached and distributed randomly. If the audience is expected to have control, I'd say the properties would work best as a video game, in the vein of Mass Effect's decision engine, where each choice builds and builds towards a resolution. Because the books weren't just about twist or multiple endings, it was about making decisions all along. And something like that seems like it would work more as a smartphone app or interactive web presence, rather then a complete film.

Or, you know, they could just reprint the books with more modern covers. I suspect that would work even better.

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