Tony Stark To Pull More Iron Man Out Of His Ass

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At the end of last week, Joss Whedon appeared for the first time on the Colbert Report. The interview, which can bee seen here if you are American, here if you are Canadian, and somewhere I'm sure if you are neither (sorry), was a little awkward at first, but livened up some by the end. Colbert can get a bit flustered when around people he genuinely admires, and that was the vibe I was getting from this interview.

Whedon was there to promote Much Ado, which I still (bitterly) haven't seen, and showed a great clip involving lots of physical comedy form Amy Acker, something I was not expecting. But Colbert, quite naturally I think, managed to get in a question concerning Avengers 2. Whedon seemed uncomfortable with the question, but managed to cover himself with a joke (as is his way). His discomfort might have come from the fact that the interview aired Thursday night, and Friday morning it was officially announced that Robert Downey Jr had signed an extended agreement with Marvel and Disney, to appear as Tony Stark/Iron Man (it specifically mentions both, though if that was intentional or just par for the course is unknown) in Avengers 2, to be released in 2016, and Avengers 3, date TBD (though the smart money is 2019).

This is fine by me, and not that big a surprise. Iron Man 3 did promise Tony Stark would return, it was just a question of if RDJ would be playing him or not. But it wasn't likely that Disney would be getting rid of the biggest feather in their cap just yet. What the release doesn't mention is Iron Man 4, which I also quite like. Iron Man's story is over, and Marvel needs to move on to new properties, instead of blindly revisiting their biggest money makers. Make room for Doctor Strange, and leave Stark to the team-ups. Personally, I'd like to see Iron Man retired entirely. Stark can serve as a consultant to the Avengers, as was the original intention, and if they need a power suit, then Rhodey can get his moment in the sun.

Oh, and 49th happy birthday, Mr. Whedon. Please don't die anytime soon.

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