Veronica Mars Cast Is Excited About Veronica Mars Film

The Veronica Mars kickstarted film is getting nearer and nearer to becoming a real thing, and as part of that, Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell are shoring up the cast. As you can see above, Party Down's Ryan Hansen is pretty excited about the whole thing. The returning cast thus far includes:

Bell as Veronica, Enrico Colantoni as Keith, Percy Daggs III as Wallace, Tina Majorino as Mac, Jason Dohring as Logan Echolls, Ryan Hansen as Dick, Krysten Ritter as Gia, Francis Capra as Weevil, Daran Norris as Cliff (the family lawyer), and Chris Lowell as Piz (the boyfriend from college). So, pretty much everyone from the series that didn't die will put in at least some face time in the big screen followup.

At least they aren't doing things by half measures.

Via Uproxx.
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