Well, That Rules Him Out

The discussion of who will play the Dozenth Doctor now that Matt Smith has left Doctor Who just got one actor simpler, but goes no further towards explaining exactly who John Hurt will play in the 50th anniversary special. Hurt has been cast in Guillermo del Toro's TV series The Strain, reuniting him with his Hellboy director. Hurt will play a Van Helsing style character, Professor Abraham Setrakian, "a holocaust survivor who immigrated to the United States after World War II and now runs a pawn shop in Spanish Harlem."

When I read the novels, I remember thinking to myself that Hurt would have been perfect for the role, in the TV series that was the initial origin for the novels. Turns out that was pretty intentional, as del Toro and co writer Chuck Hogan had envisioned Hurt for the role from the beginning. Hurt joins a cast that includes House of Cards' Cory Stoll and LOST's Kevin Durand. The series, which will be run by LOST creator Carleton Cuse, will film in Toronto this fall, where del Toro filmed his upcoming Pacific Rim. The lesson, I guess, is that its good to keep things in the family.

What this means for Hurt's Doctor is yet to be seen, though I still maintain he's an aged version of Eight, at the end of a long and unseen regeneration cycle.

Via Collider.
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