What Shall It Be, Reboot Or Death? Or... Death By Reboot? God, That Sounds Horrible

Comics can be tepid, repetitive things, especially when dealing with the Big Two. A never ending story line, and unwillingness to disrupt the status quo results in editorial decisions to "shake things up" or "approach the character from a new perspective." These are buzz phrases that mean nothing, because any attempt to go in a new direction is usually just a repeat of a previous attempt, and almost never has any lasting effect beyond six months or a year's worth of issues.

Kate Willaert understands this, and to make the process easier on the clearly overburdened editors of today's comics companies, has designed a simple Event Picker, to make the process just that much easier. Just print the wheel, and glue it to a lazy Susan, or dart board, and have at it. On her tumblr, she even has an interactive version you can try.

What is sad is the knowledge that editors probably already use something like this.

Via ComicsAlliance.
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