Gods, We're Going To Have A Whole Year Of This Stuff, Aren't We?

My interest in Amazing Spider-man 2 could not be lower. The first film was everything that is wrong and pointless about endlessly  rebooting franchises. What wasn't repetitive was underwritten, what convoluted story there was drove the film, rather then the characters, who were underdeveloped and generally unlikable.

The news that the sequel is apparently stacking villain after villain on top of each other, in what appears to be a run at introducing the Sinister Six, is also unnerving, if only because no super hero film made to date has figured out how to balance more then two villains at once. Any higher then that, and everything just becomes a mess. Mark Webb has the opportunity to prove me, and precedent, wrong, but I doubt he will. The first film wasn't good, and I doubt, considering the fast turn around on the sequel, that this one won't just be more of the same.

All and all, it is a thing that is happening, so here is the first proper look at Jamie Foxx as Electro. If that's your thing. It isn't mine.

Have we figured out who Mark Gatiss will be playing in Game of Thrones yet? No? Damn...

Via The Mary Sue.
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