He May Well Continue To Be The Law

Petitions on the internet are a lot like pornography on the internet: there are far too many of them, most of which are physically impossible. That which isn't tends still towards the laughable, and those few that are important won't be taken seriously because of the damage inflicted by the majority. It's not like back in the day, where it took time and effort to generate a following to the cause, and and popularity meant that people were actually engaged, and not passively masturbating to whatever knocked on their door. I think... perhaps the metaphor didn't hold up as well at the end there, but the point stands: petitions on the internet tend to be ineffective.

And here's another one. And it was one I was glad to sign, because it is the official petition to get a sequel to Dredd made. The movie wasn't as financially successful theatrically as was hoped, largely due to poor marketing. This belief was held up by the whelming success once the film hit DVD. Good word of mouth has made people seek the film out, and it has become something of a cult success, in the original way that "cult success" meant, not the weird way marketing firms have adopted the phrase to make something sound edgy and counter culture.

So, go to the site, sign the petition, and maybe we'll get a follow up to a movie that was better then Dark Knight Rises.

Via Collider.
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