His Last Vow

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That's the third, and final episode title for Sherlock series 3. Which means, the partially finished and assumed to be airing in the early new year third year will look like this:
The Empty Hearse by Mark Gatiss
The Sign of Three by Steve Thompson
His Last Vow by Steven Moffat
Empty Hearse is a take on The Empty House, the 1903 story which brought Sherlock Holmes back to life after his apparent fall to death in The Final Problem. Gatiss has said that Watson's reaction will be intense and not immediately accepting of Sherlock's return as he was in the stories, suggesting that the primary focus of the return episode will be reestablishing the relationship between Sherlock and John, and all that has happened to each in the time that has passed, including Watson's eventual marriage.

The Sign of Three will adapt one of the four Holmes novels, 1890's The Sign of Four, which involved British imperialism, a secret Indian treasure, and introduced Watson's future wife (or, his first, depending on how you interpret Doyle's lack of continuity). If the three word hint "rat, wedding, bow" is any indication, this is the most likely to feature the Watson wedding.

This Last Vow is taken from His Last Bow, the 1917 short story that also lent it's name to the penultimate Holmes collection. It is a spy story set during early days of the First World War, and is chronologically the last of the original Holmes stories, and sees Watson reunited (for the good of the Empire) with Holmes after an extended period, and retirement for both men (Holmes wears a goatee, which Watson dislikes).

There is no expected air date for the series, because it isn't finished filming yet. The final episode was put on hold while Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch returned to New Zealand to finish filming The Hobbit, which they've each just finished within the last couple weeks. Both stars are confirmed to be signed on to appear in a fourth series of the hugely popular adaptation, and Moffat, Gatiss and producer Sue Vertue seem intent on continuing the series for as long as they can, with Cumberbatch and Freeman in the leads, filming episodes whenever their film careers allow, and accepting that years may well pass between various series. In the mean time, there is a suggestion that Gatiss' Mycroft will see an expanded role in the coming series, which I'm fine with. Though, considering his own schedule, they might have to start working around him.

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