Huh, The Internet Got One Right

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If there is one thing the internet loves, it's pornography. If there is a second thing the internet loves, it is also pornography. I'd say pornography occupies the first 19 slots of any potential "things the internet loves" lists, as well as places 23 through 39, 78 and 119.

Getting to the point, one of the many non-nudity (though not exclusively) oriented things the internet loves is making baseless casting suggestions and predictions. I know I do. My baseless casting suggestions for Marvel films, DC movies, and various other things make up a fair chunk of my traffic (and at least show a level of imagination and interest on my part as a writer, then some of my more recent pieces of filler). With the sheer amount of random name and character associations out there, the statistical likelihood of someone getting something right is inevitable. What is odd is pretty much everyone making the same prediction, and getting it right.

Game of Thrones casting predictions are a new favourite pastime for the net. And pretty much everywhere I've seen people guessing at who might be playing whom, I've seen Indira Varma suggested for the role of the Red Viper's bastard paramour Ellaria Sand. And HBO has wisely followed that suggestion and cast the former Torchwood and Luther actress in the role. And, as I said in my spoiler-free list of things to look forward to in the coming seasons of the series, Sand's involvement directly leads to the inclusion of the Viper's clutch of bastard femme fatales, the Sand Snakes. Who are excellent.

Varma will be playing against Pedro Pascal, previously announced as taking the role of the Red Viper, and will be joining Mark Gatiss is his not-yet-announced-but-probably-Mace-Tyrell role. So, yet another startling beautiful and talented actress added to a show that does not need any additional reasons to watch it.

Seriously, other shows would have started coasting on their own coat tails already. Come on HBO, you're making everyone else look bad. Take it down a notch!

Via The Mary Sue.
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