I Want To Go To There

Saturn has always been my favourite planet, and really how could it not be? It is so very pretty. I remember when I was young, and I looked through a telescope and saw Saturn for the first time, at that perfect time during its orbit that the rings were turned towards us, and I was able too up and see what Galileo called Saturn's ears.

So, I've had a softspot in my heart for the Cassini space probe, which has been blasting back to Earth the best images we've ever seen of Saturn and its various moons since it arrived in 2004 (having set off from Earth in 1997). Apparently, so does  Stephen van Vuuren, who has assembled over a million still images generated by Cassini during it's voyage to the ringed planet, enhanced the images into a 2.5D state without using CG to alter them or manipulate them, and strung them together into what he calls "non-narrative visual poetry" at IMAX resolutions. And to that end, the film, called In Saturn's Rings, will be released in IMAX later next year.

Why people insist on expecting magic from a universe that already has this in it, I'll never understand.

Via /Film.
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