I Wonder If Bryan Cranston Cracks Good "In Soviet Russia" Jokes?

Based on this first trailer, Cold Comes The Night, if I'm being honest, seems very much like a direct to video release. It's not an original concept: a desperate mother seeking to save her child from being taken by the state; a criminal seeking money stolen by the hero after stumbling across a crime in progress; hero finds third act courage and goes on blazing revenge kick when criminal holds child for ransom. What Cold Comes the Night has going for it is two things: 1) Bryan Cranston, and b) Alice Eve.

Granted, I'm not sold on Cranston's Russian accent, but I'm 100% convinced he'll stick the performance through sheer talent. And Alice Eve is better then most of her film roles would suggest, stuck in that weird cycle that many British actresses find themselves in when they come across to the US, and get put in just the worst stuff, and asked to stifle their accents in the process. Eve needs more of a Rebecca Hall trajectory then a Gemma Arterton one.

Cold is yet to be given a release date, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ended up going straight to VOD.
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