Kevin James Falls A Lot

I think, in my entire life, I can count on one hand the number of times I've properly fallen down. Like, went from a full standing position to a lying in some configuration on the floor without intention. I have bad knees, so I try to avoid "down" as much as possible, and falling just seems so abrupt, I figure it's just easier not to do it. Kevin James disagrees.

Now, of course, it's an entirely different beast. He's obviously doing it for slapstick purposes, and let it never be said that watching someone fall down isn't funny. Because it is. People falling down makes up like 30% of America's Funniest Home Videos. I just never realised how often James falls over. And how increasingly common it has become over his last half dozen films. I wasn't a regular viewer, but I don't remembering him falling over all that often on King of Queens. Right? Using this video as evidence of an upward trend, I suspect his role in Grown Ups 2 will mostly just be him slipping in and out of frame on a vertical axis.

Via Film Drunk.
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