Pixar Course Corrects

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As I noted in my review of Monsters University, Pixar is suffering for a sever case of sequelitis. Of the four previous films they've made, two have been sequels, one has been a prequel, and Brave was just a Disney film dressed up in Pixar's letterhead. And Toy Story 3 aside, the quality of the features has not been up to snuff with their previous decade's worth of output. Happily, it seems that no one is more aware of this trend then Pixar themselves, and are making moves to change things.According to Pixar Animation Studios President Ed Catmull:
“For artistic reasons… it’s really important that we do an original film a year. Every once in a while, we get a film where we want or people want to see something continuing in that world — which is the rationale behind the sequel. They want those characters, which means we were successful with them. But if you keep doing that, then you aren’t doing original films.”
Catmull's statement is in line with the five year plan previously released by the studio, which features The Good Dinosaur released on May 30, 2014, Inside Out on June 15, 2015, Finding Dory on November 25, 2015, and the untitled Día de los Muertos film from Lee Unkrich on June 17, 2016, and unannounced features on June 16, 2017, November 22, 2017 and June 15, 2018. You'll note that the original features all have summer release dates, and that the only announced sequel, Finding Dory, is getting the November release date. The November 2017 release would then presumably belong to another sequel. It should be noted that Monster University was originally scheduled for a release last November, but was pushed back to this summer.

This new plan of Pixar's is being called the "one-and-a-half films a year" plan, and I think it's the smart way to go. If they are getting pressure from Disney to make guaranteed hits based on previous films, then they need to remind them that the biggest wildcard the studio ever produced, Up, made $731 million in theatres alone, and that when given free reign, the folks at Pixar can make better films then pretty much anyone else.

And I don't just mean animated features.

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