Revenge Is A Comic Best Served Cold

I think I've realised the biggest issue with Star Trek Into Darkness, besides everything from the ground up: so much of what was done, and what is being done, is just repeating what was successful the first time J.J. Abrams got behind the camera. In the film, many of the jokes were framed the same way, and the set pieces were largely the same (sky jump, sword fight with aliens, Leonard Nimoy). The first film was bold and had something new and worth while to say, whereas Darkness just felt like two and a half hours of stuttering.

And it wasn't just the film. Even the supplementary materials are following the same pattern. Like the first film, Darkness had a comic prequel which was alright, but paled compared to the original. And now Darkness is following suit with a followup comic about the villain. Yes, IDW will be publishing a four issue miniseries that tracks Khan's life before he was frozen in a tube and shot into space (or, possibly, the period of time between when Robocop unfroze him and when he blew up Mickey from Doctor Who).

The original comic followup, Nero, actually had a purpose. It was a comic adaptation of several minutes of deleted footage from the film that explained where Nero had been for the twenty years between when he blew up Kirk's dad, and when he blew up Vulcan. Turns out, he was being held by the Klingons. Then broke out. Then uses Borg technology to mind meld with V'Ger from The Motion Picture, in order to find Nimoy's Spock Prime. Yes, it was exactly that odd, and only the Klingon stuff was from the film. The rest was to fill up the pages to get it to four issues.

I suspect that this book is more about trying to convince fans that making Cumberbatch Khan wasn't a stupid mistake, by trying to make the character engaging and different, tasks that should have been handled on the screen. It is being written by the ongoing master of all reboot Trek comics, Mike Johnson, who has had the unenviable task of cleaning up the screenwriter's mistakes on the comics pages for some time now, with Roberto Orci providing guidance (gods help us) and artist Claudia Balboni making it look nice. Even money says that Khan is white and British now because of plastic surgery by Section 31, to make him less recognisable to the public (this assumes that Khan's face is as recognisable to future folk as, say, Hitler's is to us).

So, a comic about the biggest part of the film I wish to pretend didn't happen. I think I'll skip it, thanks.

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