Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother To Visit The Seven Kingdoms

Courtesy of the BBC

Mark Gatiss is pretty much awesome. Former League of Gentleman actor, current co-writer/showrunner/recurring star on Sherlock, repetitive Doctor Who contributor, guest player in Being Human, and coming this winter, costarring along side Tom Hiddleston in Josie Rourke's production of Coriolanus at the Donmar, which will eventually be screened by National Theatre Live. Basically, if Gatiss gets involved in something, my interest in that thing goes up.

I thought my interest in Game of Thrones couldn't get any higher. Way to prove me wrong, Benioff and Weiss. Gatiss has been cast in a season 4 role that as of yet is undeclared. I hate reporting on this stuff while it remains undeclared, but I feel it is reasonable to assume that Gatiss, unless his casting is for a one episode or otherwise minor role (which is possible, but I somehow doubt), my guess is that he'll be playing Mace Tyrell, son to Diana Rigg's Olenna Tyrell, and father to Loras and Margeary. His presence at the Royal Wedding is required, and Mace is one of the three major roles confirmed by George R.R. Martin being cast for season 4. Since they've already cast The Red Viper, and I can't see Gatiss playing Styr (though seeing him play against Ciaran Hinds' Mance would be pleasant). So, I'm laying my money on Mace.

Any takers?

Via The Mary Sue.
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