Star Trek 13: The Chase For Chekov, Or Some Damned Thing

Look, even if you didn't mind the rampant plagiarism inherent in Star Trek Into Darkness, it still wasn't a well made film. Visually, very nicely polished, but the actual structure of the film left much to be desired. According to Badass Digest, the rebooted franchise might be looking to fix things by seeking out new writers.

When I did up my list of things the Trek franchise needs to do to fix itself, the first one was ditch the creative staff. J.J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci need to step back and let others take control. Trek tends to be at its worst when the folks in charge get too comfortable in their roles, and too reverential in their decisions, as was recently proven.

That Bad Robot will still be the production company behind the film is all but certain, they've won that right via the box office of the last two films. Paramount won't be disrupting that partnership. Which means, even if J.J. doesn't return to the directors seats, he and Bryan Burk will still be on as producers. It appears Kurtzman and Orci will be moving into similar positions, as the cinematic equivalent to show runners, on the next film. This is in line with their role regarding the recent canonical video game, and the on going comic series through IDW.

Kurtzman and Orci are apparently courting writers Ashley Edward Miller and Zack Stentz to pen the next Trek film. Miller and Stentz met while working on Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda, moving together to The Sarah Conner Chronicles, then to Fringe, before jumping to film with X-Men First Class and co-writing Thor. I'd have to revisit the specific episodes they contributed to Sarah Conner and Fringe to judge their work there, but I had serious issues with tone and pacing in X-Men First Class. That being said, I love Thor, and consider it to be my favourite of the MCU: Phase One films.

Will this save Trek? I doubt it, so long as Kurtzman and Orci are charting the creative direction of the series. Then again, we might be back to every other Trek film being crap, we've just swapped odds for evens. Only time, and a new film, will tell (which, just don't believe Zachary Quinto when he says it'll film next year).

Via Collider.
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  1. Just to respond to the list of things that need to be redone, I really want to second ditching the writers. A lot of people seemed to love it, but I think it is because they are unfamiliar with the universe, whereas myself, I was highly irritated, in fact I hated the film.
    More than the unnecessary fanservice(if I want to see those refs, I will watch the original works), but the fact they cast the most whitest of guys for a character who is supposed to be Indian, speaking as one myself, I was really ticked off about that, and I am glad I found out about that spoiler before watching the movie, I would have hated it even more.

    And I think one thing that was missing from the last film and again this film, was the sense of exploration, exploration of different themes, substance. That for me, spells star trek, and I felt was missing from this movie. I felt even the last movie was hollow, but was willing to let that guy, because the movie had to re-establish the characters. I could go into more detail, of what was missing, but I would rather not expend the effort. As much as Star trek is in my blood, I may just sit out the 3rd film.