Suddenly "Star Trek 12: So Very Tired" Isn't So Much Funny As It Is Sad

Do you have twenty minutes? Of course you do, what else are you doing? If you're on this site, you are either at work, and desperate for something to fill in the gnawing gaps in your day; a library hobo trying with great futility to cover up your Korean pornography; or are my mother (hi mom). In any case, you've got the time.

There is no doubt in my mind that, when is all said and done, the Simpsons its early years will be remembered as one of the smartest, sharpest pieces of satire every written. It'll be up there with Swift and Twain, and I mean that honestly. Those first half dozen seasons stands up as well today as it did a generation ago, and will continue to stand. And part of that timelessness was the way they incorporated references to literature, TV and film into the show. Not content to be blunt and obvious like Family Guy and so much comedy now that doesn't expect or make the audience work for the laugh, the Simpsons fell more in line with humour osmosis, incorporating the elements into their own narrative and letting the absurd juxtaposing of the ideas make you nearly pee yourself.

Here then is a supercut of all the film references on the show in the first five years. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got some DVDs to marathon through.

Via Filmdrunk.
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